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About Erica

Erica Shaw is the Founder and CEO of Shaw Solutions LLC. She is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. 

Erica helps organizations grow their leaders, build connection and create more inclusive workplaces.  She is a Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Trainer. Erica brings DISC to organizations to educate on how the workplace also needs to be inclusive of different personalities to create true belonging. 


Erica Shaw has 20+ years of experience in corporate America working across multiple disciplines including engineering, supply chain and Human Resources. During this time, she has consistently coached others on leadership, led Equality and Inclusion efforts, and coached others on how to achieve their career goals.

Erica has driven key results by creating inclusive environments where all team members feel valued and heard.  By developing an inclusive environment, she drives synergies that enable breakthrough results.  Erica’s goal is for every leader to feel comfortable and confident being their authentic self.


However, a few years ago, Erica found herself in an unfulfilling job, suffering from burnout and health issues. She realized she was on a path and living a life she didn't want! After that, she decided to never make that mistake again and started walking in her purpose and going after her dreams. That's how Shaw Solutions was born. Now Erica helps other women let go of expectations and achieve their dream life and career without sacrificing their values. 


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